Friday, June 25, 2010

Deterring illegal immigrants

A simple solution to the illegal immigrant problem: Pay illegals to report their US employers.

If an illegal worker reports his/her US employer to ICE, fine that employer $100,000 for every illegal employed. Deport all the illegals employed there -- but pay $100,000 to the one who filed the report. Inform all the deportees that if they are found illegally in the US again, they will spend 2 years in prison.

This would create a competition among illegal employees to be the first to report the employer, and therefore to go home with what amounts to a fortune in Mexico. This might lead to a temporary influx of illegals who come here with the specific intention of getting a job and immediately ratting out the employer. However, employers would soon learn that any illegal hired would be very likely to report it immediately to ICE, leading to a crippling fine. So the jobs would soon dry up, removing the principal incentive for coming here illegally.

This program would cost the taxpayers nothing, as it would be funded entirely by employer fines.

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John Innes said...

I wonder if the Illegal Immigrants solution could be adapted to solve Australia's (or Julia Gillard's) problem - a stream of boats arriving from Indonesia loaded with illegal immigrants, who now in their hundreds or thousands spend months or years in detention awaiting processing?

There are no employers to fine, but if the sum budgeted to pay for a year's expenses per head for operating the detention center could be offered for information leading to the conviction of the person in Indonesia who is organizing the people-smuggling racket, we might be saving money and stemming the flow. The illegals/refugees may have come from intolerable conditions in Iran, Sri Lanka or Afghanistan, but if they went back rich, such a sum might set them up for a life of luxury when translated into their own currency and compared to average wages. As there are a lot fewer smugglers than smuggled, it would be cheaper to extradite and jail the smugglers than house the would-be immigrants.

But perhaps there is a better Chapman Solution?